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Creative Statement

Welcome to Alxnder, the website of ceramicist Alexander Huber.
Alexander draws inspiration from urban environments, and records examples of accreted human traces, city rhythms, architectural and infrastructural forms and patterns on his daily journeys through the city. As an admirer of the Bauhaus movement, he is keen to explore the relationships between precision, repetition, handicraft, and art-making. The point of view that he brings to his work reflects the varied tapestry of his background and experience across disciplines and geographies. His approach is one of research, analysis, reflection, synthesis, and intuitive formal experimentation.

Kings Cross

kings cross 2020

Hackney curb

hackney 2021

At first glance, Alexander's objects project an industrial aesthetic, but look more closely and the maker’s hand is revealed. His distinctive combination of production techniques and painstaking hand carving imbue Alexander’s work with captivating tactile and visual intensity.

Off center cycle paint

hyde park 2022

guildhall 2021

London wall

Seemingly simple repeated forms contain singularly complex and varied geometries that can only be achieved through a hands-on iterative process of visual exploration using inventive techniques applied to different materials in a collage-like process. Each body of work manifests the outcome of taking on a different set of challenges. Alexander Huber continues to learn and grow as an artist and maker while expanding his technical and conceptual boundaries.


josephstadt (vienna) 2023

joseph stadt (vienna) 2023


brigittenau (vienna) 2023